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Chippewa Valley Suicide Prevention

November 2022

Logo Design, , Branding, Presentation

This client was looking for a logo for a new branch of the Eau Claire County Health Department, that encompassed the three branches of the Chippewa Valley (Chippewa County, Eau Claire County, and Dunn County). Their efforts were focused on the prevention of suicide in the Chippewa Valley and providing resources to those in need. The wanted a logo that was appropriate for the topic, calming, offered peace, as well as encompassed parts of their other logos.

CVSPI Logo.png
CVSPI Logo variations-16.png
CVSPI Logo variations-17.png

Logo Identity Breakdown

CVSPI Logo.png

The arch over the top both completes the logo to be used as the "O" in Wombspace, but also symbolizes community and connectivity with one's self.

The petals of the lotus flower form to create a W for Wombspace when used by itself.

The three petals of the lotus flower symbolize the three stages of womanhood one may find themselves going through: Puberty, Pregnancy, and Menopause--the areas in which many woman would use the services offered by Wombspace, as well as symbolizing the three areas of one's self--mind, body, and spirit.

These colors were chosen to encompass their aesthetic, using warm colors of varying tones to create a positive, calming vibe

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