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January 2022-December 2022

Logo Design, Concept Creation, 

During my internship with National Presto Industries, a project of creating a new version of the popular HeatDish product was in the works. With that, came designing the logo and branding sticker for the machine and its accompanying packaging. This went through various stages and ideas to come up with the near-final versions before the project was put on hold before I left.

Near Final Logos

Concept Breakdown

I chose to use a red to yellow gradient to symbolize the heat that is put off while using the machine. This gradient was used on multiple thin lines to represent the heat emitting off of the fan. The lines were then spun in various ways to show the movement and represent the fan feature of the product.

Using the original HeatDish typography, I added a silver hue to it to make it stand out against black background.

The whole concept was then encompassed by a silver ring in order to make it pop off of the machine a bit, giving it more dimension on the black of the machine.

Logo Journey

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